In October, 2021, we taped four live comedy specials at the Broadwater Theatre in Los Angeles. Every show was on a unique set, in full wardrobe and makeup, but the improvisers had no idea what they were walking into until the lights came up. Basically, we did all the work of a play, without the script.


HOLIDAYS AT THE MALL is a limited run of “minis” (10-20 minute improvised scenes) all set within the same location– a mall at the holidays. Your purchase of $10 (or more if you’d like) includes instant access to all 10 episodes as well as videos of all the recordings–HERE
THE TEACHER’S LOUNGE: ALUMNI WEEK is a brand new 7 episode season of Big Grande’s podcast The Teachers Lounge. Your purchase of $15 (or more if you want!) includes all seven episodes as well as access to the back catalogue of the entire show. (*Check out our FAQ page for more details)
FLUSHED is an hour-long, improvised and animated comedy special. Originally improvised on @MadDogPod. Animated by Matt Smith (@outercitymatt on Twitter). Choose what you pay, with a minimum price of $10! Upon purchase you’ll be given access to the video page HERE, and you’ll also receive a link to download the video file!


LAST RESORT is a 10 part improvised podcast series, chronicling the struggles of a Gulf Coast resort. Includes video!
EXIT 42 is 20 weekly doses of Big Grande improv all set at the same insane exit on the highway… Exit 42. Includes video!

wanna hear a sample? CLICK HERE!

THE PREACHER’S LOUNGE: THE STORY OF JESUS (ft. Paul F. Tompkins, Lauren Lapkus, Ayo Edebiri, and Carl Tart. Includes video! 

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